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Engineer & Standards Developer

Brief Description:
We're looking for a skilled front-end developer with experience in both backend and mobile technologies. This position requires both a mastery of the hands-on aspects of web interface engineering, as well as an ability to design solid front-end architectures that integrate with other systems and technologies, and the ability to communicate these solutions to other members of the team both verbally & in written documentation. Candidates must possess core competency with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS along with other technologies.

Day-to-day responsibilities include leading the design of client side engineering solutions; the hand coding of web-based applications, web pages, emails, and web-based mobile experiences; integrating your code with other technologies (Flash, Web Services, client back-end systems, content management systems, etc); optimizing performance of front-end applications; and working with visual designers, interaction designers and software engineers. Must be able to emulate existing html schemes and create new ones that will integrate well with existing HTML. Strong XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML.

• A curiosity and excitement for new web technologies / techniques.
• A strong passion for the front end as a mix of art and science.
• Extensive experience in hand coding, no WYSIWYG coding.
• The ability to write standards compliant XHTML & CSS with thought given to accessibility and SEO.
• Solid understanding of cross-browser/platform issues and code solutions.
• Practical understanding of HTML5 and CSS3.
• Experience using JS Frameworks (jQuery, MooTools, YUI, etc).
• Writing well-formed, unobtrusive JS with scalability and extensibility in mind.
• Knowledge/ experience with front-end performance optimization (YSLOW standards).
• Experience working with AJAX and services/ API's to serve up dynamic and data-heavy content.
• Experience working with iOS and Android.
• Experience with server-side scripting (PHP, .Net, Java, etc).
• Excellent debugging and problem solving skills (use of Firebug plug-in, Charles Web Proxy).
• Experience with source control (SVN, GitHub, or Mercurial).
• Excellent time management, problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills.
• Ability to follow technical specifications and production processes.
• Must be available to work on site

A plus for:
• Experience / familiarity with integrating major 3rd party APIs (Facebook Open Graph, Twitter, Google Maps, YouTube, Open Social, etc).
• Experience / familiarity with one of the following: Drupal, Joomla, Symfony, WordPress (or similar).
• Experience with mobile web development
• Agency experience/ working with visual & UX designers
• Experience with some of the following technologies: JSTL, Struts, Flash (AS3), and Freemaker
• Experience working within MVC frameworks
• Experience building 3rd party plug-ins for a JS framework (jQuery, Mootools, etc)

E-mail to: with subject "Developer"

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