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We strategies, design and develop digital transformation with brand communication solutions, and manage your marketing with financial discipline.
Senior Economic World Bank, Csilla Lakatos; Founder and CEO Blackstone Indonesia, Aldi Sky Wungkana; Inspektur Jenderal Kementerian Perdagangan, Veri Anggrijono; Direktur Utama Lembaga Pembiayaan Ekspor Indonesia (Eximbank), Rijani Tirsono; Rahma Alia, SEA Today.
Connecting people with brand

We design love, and we’ve been doing it for more than 14 years. We harness the insight to find what's customers want. We build bridge to connecting elevated brand and customer in fascinating ways.
Grow faster, be the market leader

Blacksone is one of leading consultant and digital marketing agency in Indonesia and Southeast Asia with business ecosystem and end-to-end technology infrastructure, delivers a complete functional solution.
Marketing with financial expertise

We help engineering growth marketing machines. We believe, remarkable growth is achieved by investing in the best opportunities. Blackstone help you acquire customers with not one dollar wasted.
Partnering with coocaa to enters their new chapter for global recognition
TV brand in Indonesia in terms of sales volume, and Guinness World Record
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Inter Milan
My Inter Jersey campaign connecting elevated brand and customer with style 
people reached via digital, and fans generation boosted sales 
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Growing a global beauty brand, unlocking possibilities and navigate empowering women campaigns
Jafra's worldwide revenue is contributed by Jafra Cosmetics Indonesia
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Blackstone helps you enters market, build trust, understand what works, adjust, and thrive.
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Market Access and Entry, Global Advisory

Deals Advisory & Operations
Government Affairs
Corporate Intelligence
Investor Relations / Fund Raising
Brand Equity and Value Creation
Strategic Partnerships
Integrated Brand Marketing
Growth, Marketing & Sales
Customer Experience
Integrated Marketing Campaign

Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Media Marketing
E-mail Marketing
Content Creative Approach
Brand Activation
Communication & Media Relations
SEO, SEM and Advertising
KOL & Influencers Management
Analytics & Brand Monitoring
Digital Products and Platforms

Web and App Design
Data Product Development
Platform Ecosystems
Platform Advisory & Implementation
Information Architecture
Usability Testing

UX and UI Design
Content Design
Inclusive Design
Physical Design
Service Design
Sustainable Design

Commerce Strategy
Channel Strategy
Social Commerce
Data-driven Merchandise
Physical Retail
Innovation & Technology

Digital Transformation
Business Design and Creation
Connected Devices
New Products and Services
API & CMS Development
DevOps Architecture
Quality Assurance
System Integrations
Technical Architecture
What our clients are saying.
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blackstone digital marketing agency indonesia, testimonial, jafra cosmetics skincare
Derrick McClure
Country Manager, Tesla
Evelyne Klepic
Managing Director, Jafra Cosmetics Indonesia
Okty Saptarini
Corporate Secretary, Humpuss Intermoda Transpotasi Tbk