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    Your campaign must first be effective online, before you can consider the value of engaging other channels for amplification.

    At BLACKSTONE Digital Agency, we don't view online marketing as a single channel – we see it as a whole new, complex, group of channels. Big, integrated campaigns are a way of life for many brands and brand managers, and often the digital channel is used to simply amplify a campaign – be it ATL, large-scale event or experiential stunt – to as many people as possible. But in today’s highly complex owned, earned and paid digital media landscape this approach to online marketing is both limited and outdated.

    We believe that your campaign must first be effective online, before you can consider the value of engaging other channels for amplification. And because digital is often a starting place for campaign ideas – large and small, a deep understanding of online behaviors is essential to providing successful integrated, campaign-led solutions. Different campaigns require different approaches, and whether you’re targeting your audience via mobile, search, online video or social ­– we tailor our approach to suit your brands specific needs. And when this ‘always on’ environment requires effective ongoing management long after the campaign has finished, we can help you continually engage your audience through the various avenues digital has to offer.

    BLACKSTONE has specialist expertise in the following areas:

    •  Target audience definition
    •  Market analysis
    •  Channel strategy development
    •  Concept ideas and Campaign creative
    •  Implementation plan & success criteria
    •  Campaign management & fulfillment


    Developing a brilliant social marketing strategy relies on a deep understanding of how to encourage, enhance and leverage social interaction.

    Social media marketing is a complex dialogue amongst consumers - to be successful brands need to thinking about right campaigns, start generating conversations, drive leads and getting conversion. If your brand isn’t part of the growing universal conversation, you’ve already fallen behind. Developing a brilliant social marketing strategy relies on a deep understanding of how to encourage, enhance and leverage social interaction. BLACKSTONE help brands achieve this by challenging inherent marketing beliefs that focus on one-way communication.

    The first step to creating a successful a social marketing strategy is understanding what your customers are doing and how they are choosing to intersect with your business. This knowledge allows you to create social maps that encourage ongoing conversations and maximize engagement with your brand.

    Blackstone offer specialist expertise in the following areas:

    •  Social strategy development
    •  Social roadmap creation
    •  Audience behavioral analysis & interest graphing
    •  Sentiment tracking
    •  Competitor analysis
    •  Content planning, sourcing and creation
    •  Community management


    Search engine marketing, social media, good advertisement and right publications is a powerful and effective solutions to win the competition.

    A successful campaign starts with clear and achievable objectives. By performing a thorough analysis of the market and your competitors, we will apply the best strategy to achieve your objectives in the shortest timeframe possible. We provided an appropriate result as we’ve promises. We design, build and execute strategies that lead to more qualified traffic from Search Engine, Social Network and other channels to get higher conversion rates.

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the number one source of traffic to your website with more than 85% of web users employing search engines to find web sites. Around 90% of them don’t go beyond 3 pages of the search results, with majority of them visiting websites listed on the first page. If your website is not listed on a good position for major search engines, you are losing to your competition every moment. This, where we can help and give you result more than what you’ve been expected.

    Blackstone offer specialist expertise in the following areas:

    •  KPI definition
    •  Keyword research
    •  Onsite content & copy recommendations
    •  Tracking implementation
    •  Ad trafficking
    •  Search term identification (volume, goal conversion)
    •  Back-link strategy
    •  Page title creation & meta description creation
    •  Canonical URL structure definition


    Mobile marketing is so much more than just another tick in the ever-growing list of digital must haves.

    Today’s digital landscape is completely multi-screened and driven by millions of ‘intersections’. And as users increasingly interface with technology and media at discrete places and times, these intersections provide brands with a rare opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with their audiences.

    Mobile marketing spans iPhone apps, SMS, mobile banner ads, games and carrier integration – to name just a few, and these mobile outputs are often mistaken as the starting point for a sound mobile marketing strategy.At Blackstone, when deciding on a direction we consider how and where the intended audience intersects with the brand, before determining which core interactions to align with.

    As with all successful marketing strategies, mobile marketing requires a disciplined approach to planning and execution - simply developing a solution that utilizes the most effective mobile technology is not enough to ensure ongoing success.

    Some of the technologies and services offered by Blackstone include:

    •  Mobile research and strategy
    •  Marketing and PR planning for mobile solution deployment
    •  Mobile application development
    •  App store marketing
    •  Mobile web development and content management system (CMS) integration
    •  SMS campaign management
    •  Mobile analytics integration
    •  NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR codes (only when it’s relevant)

    BLACKSTONE are leading the way in driving industry change by tangibly demonstrating the measurable value that web analytics, online advertisement investigation and business intelligence (competitor espionage) tech can offer.

    Traditionally radio, television and print mediums have measured the success of a campaign based on ‘reach’ – how far and wide a message can be blasted within budget. But in today’s marketing environment reach isn’t enough to ensure the success of a campaign, activity or plan and it doesn’t really apply to digital – analytics and in particular web analytics, provide an alternate and more accurate measure of success.

    At BLACKSTONE, we believe that all strategic marketing recommendations need to be rigorous, tested and have a high degree of certainty for success – which is why measurement, accountability and reporting are at the very heart of all our recommendations.

    We don’t want our clients to see digital as an expense, so we are leading the way in driving industry change by tangibly demonstrating the measurable value and ROI that web analytics can offer. Achieving this requires the implementation of some highly sophisticated analytical tools and techniques such as user segmentation, heat mapping technologies and A-B or multivariate testing. By applying a new level of science to the creative processes at Blackstone, we are ensuring that we’re not just being creative for creative’s sake – and in doing so we remove the subjectivity and guesswork from our recommendations.

    The analytical reporting provided by Blackstone ranges from one-off benchmarking to regular diagnostics which provide a ‘health check’ of performance across a consistent set of metrics. So whether your brand is aspiring to increase sales, advertising revenue or product knowledge, our varied and flexible approach to web analytics can help drive your success.

    Blackstone offer specialist expertise in the following areas:

    •  Web analytics investigation
    •  Audience segmentation
    •  Sales/conversion analysis
    •  Engagement rate analysis
    •  Acquisition rate breakdown
    •  Campaign exposure & reach
    •  Landing page analysis & testing
    •  ROI & conversion analysis
    •  Real-time analysis (inc. heat mapping)
    •  Goal conversion analysis
    •  Search Business Intelligence Marketing New!


    At a time when consumers are exposed to even more opportunities to engage with you and your competitors - an evolved approach to CRM has never been more critical to your brands success.

    Today, businesses are awash with proprietary information. If you better understand what your data is telling you, you can more accurately understand, evaluate and plan ahead.  Essentially it arms you with the tools to make the right decision regarding what to do next.

    While traditionally CRM has been based around the delivery of the right message to the right person, at the right time, at Blackstone we believe it is predicated by a powerful additional element – that of business ‘decision’.

    The information is out there, it’s the untangling and interpretation of it that’s the tricky bit. This is where Blackstone comes in. We can help you establish decision making frameworks that promote actionable insights that will affect positive change internally and drive your business forward. Of course once the precursors to success are in place, we can get on with the fun bit and create campaigns that impact your bottom line. Our 360 degree approach manifests itself throughout the customer life cycle and is as detailed as it is progressive. We work tirelessly with brands to help them address the critical issues of client acquisition, cross sell, retention and loyalty.


    ACQUISITION – How do I begin a customer relationship?
    •  What methods/channels can I use to cultivate a relationship before a purchase is made?
    •  How can I get visitors to make their first purchase?
    •  What are my best acquisition opportunities (search, online display, social, third party affiliates, etc.)?

    CROSS SELL / UP SELL – How can I expand my customer relationship?
    •  Which customers are more likely to buy across product categories vs. within the same category?
    •  How can we get customers to upgrade or consider additional services?

    RETENTION / REACTIVATION – How can I maintain my customer relationship?
    •  How do I keep customers from becoming inactive?
    •  How do I mobilize inactive customers?
    •  What activities do customers exhibit before they become inactive?

    LOYALTY – How can I strengthen my customer relationships?
    •  What do my best customers look like?
    •  What motivates them to buy or to share my brand with others?
    •  How can I reward best customers?
    •  Where is there potential to grow other customers into best customers?
  • Brand Innovation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Media Planning
  • Ideation
  • Online Reputation
  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • Mobile Marketing and CRM
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO/SEM)
  • Web Analytics

  • Product Innovation
  • Technical Consultancy
  • User Experience Design
  • Graphic Design & Printing Materials

  • Website Design & Development
  • Application Development
  • System Integration
  • Social Media Applications
  • ECommerce
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • iPAD (iOS) and Tablet Android Apps
  • iOS and Android Games
  • 3D/2D, Flash and Facebook Games
  • Mobile Websites

  • Branded Content
  • Corporate Videos
  • Television Commercial
  • PR & Media Relations
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