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    Mobile apps are synonymous with innovative, brief and enjoyable interactions, and brands evolving their messaging into useful solutions for users are achieving great success.

    So the question for businesses is no longer whether to invest in mobile apps, but rather what type of apps to invest in, what services to provide and what processes to improve. Mobile applications have matured into a significant channel allowing users to interact with entertainment, information and more generally the world around them. And as more and more consumers access their preferred content through a variety of media channels, devices and searches – mobile applications with their distilled and dedicated content are providing users with clarity and focus. And importantly for brands, apps provide the opportunity to merge their diverse marketing channels, resulting in a united and measurable view of success. Equally, mobile apps present a unique opportunity for brands to reach their audience and convey their message through a personalized, time and location relevant format. 

    Mobile apps have fast become synonymous with innovative, brief and enjoyable interactions, and brands evolving their messaging into useful solutions for users are achieving great success. Unlike traditional digital marketing, apps take advantage of multiple channels for awareness including offline, web, social and increasingly the app store ecosystem itself.

    App stores present a new frontier for marketers looking to reach their mainstream audience in a channel significantly less complicated than the web, and with much higher click through rates than search or banner ads. And as apps continue to evolve, progressive brands are replacing fun; throw away apps, with business critical solutions that provide new and improved services for their audience. Interestingly, these apps are being funded through business operations budgets rather than marketing budgets and are considered an extension of the business capable of driving additional interactions and sales.

    When considering mobile applications, iPhone apps are often front-of-mind. However, it’s important to first define audiences and objectives, in order to determine whether projects are best suited to mobile web or apps. For example, if a user journey is dominated by spontaneous interactions such as Google searches, a mobile web site is required. However, if the required solution includes regular interactions with Facebook, or native functions like the camera or offline use, then an app is ideal.

    Arriving at these outcomes begins with asking the question: where does the audiences’ mobile use intersect with my brand? And to answer this question, BLACKSTONE review when, where and what an audience is doing on mobile relevant to a brand.

    Therefore successful marketing strategies will include mobile media targeting this activity, allowing users to download an app that enhances their ability to source locations, events and connect with friends. And successful apps will capitalize on the functions unique to the device – camera, GPS and movement – and use these to enhance user experience rather than clutter it.

    There are currently over 650,000 apps in the Apple app store and creating success within this crowded environment requires a range of services beyond the simple development of a great app. This includes analysis and reporting, strategy, pre and post marketing awareness and ongoing optimization.

    Developing a marketing plan that commences well in advance of a new app release and evolves in line with the app success post launch is critical to success. Beyond pre awareness media and PR, brands can incorporate simple things like a sign up for users requesting that they be advised upon launch – ensuring a new app has a large amount of initial downloads, improving its rankings and simultaneously its awareness.

    While the app market is recognized today as one of the most successful channels for brands, it’s important to remember that it’s only been active for a few years, and marketers are still developing skill sets in order to capitalize on a market with a higher demand than inventory. So brands looking to evolve their presence through mobile applications need to align themselves with teams that can demonstrate innovation, audience communication, ROI and app store success.

    Mobile apps are synonymous with innovative, brief and enjoyable interactions, and brands evolving their messaging into useful solutions for users are achieving great success.

    Tablets are a 'lean back' experience with a depth of interaction unrivalled by PC, mobile or TV, and brands established in these mediums will need to evolve to remain relevant.

    When television first arrived it was basically radio with pictures; stylish radio actors were filmed standing in front of microphones. It took clarity and innovation to evolve the old style of storytelling, and the digital world faces a similar challenge with tablet applications presenting opportunities well beyond PC and mobile.

    Tablets are an exciting new medium for brands looking to engage, and while most companies group tablets somewhere between laptops and mobile phones, at Blackstone we see a much greater potential to utilize tablets as a powerful device independent of PCs, web browsers and location.

    We understand that users approach tablets in an entirely different frame of mind to other mediums – it’s a considered and deliberate engagement, not a spontaneous interaction. This makes tablets a ‘lean back’ experience with a depth of interaction unrivalled by PC, mobile or TV, and brands established in these mediums will need to evolve to remain relevant.

    BLACKSTONE are helping brands to align their content, messaging and approach with the unique features available to tablets, and we are excited to be developing solutions that will continue to shape the future growth of the market.


    BLACKSTONE is a full service design, digital marketing and development agency for iPhone and iPad (iOS) game and app development services. The BLACKSTONE team has extensive experience in designing, developing and launching successful games for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini.

    Despite an increasing array of platforms to choose from, iPhone and iPad game and app development are as popular as ever with customers all across Asia. It’s well established that iPhone and iPad users are conditioned to spend money via the app store marketplace, in ways that customers using other platforms don’t. BLACKSTONE has worked with clients from United States, Europe and all over the Asia to design and develop compelling games and apps for iPhone and iPad. We work with each client on an individual basis to develop a unique series of business requirements that are then used to create rich, immersive and engaging gaming experiences for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini.

    Here at BLACKSTONE, we’ve helped our customers to generate international exposure and recognition. The apps and games we have developed for iOS for our customers have been featured several times by on iTunes Apple. In the process we’ve generated millions of app store downloads and created lucrative new streams of revenue for brands and innovative businesses across all over Asia, specially in Indonesia.

    Imagine there was a magic recipe that was capable of transforming the way you do business. With this recipe, you could acquire more new customers, stimulate greater loyalty amongst existing customers and attract the most talented employees. Imagine how different life could be.

    Gamification is the use of game design techniques and mechanics to engage audiences. Gamification encourages users to engage in desired behaviours by taking advantage of our psychological predisposition to engage in gaming.

    Winning the hearts and minds of your customers is about making them feel special. One thing that binds people universally is their need to feel important and wanted. Customers need to feel valued and you must show that you appreciate them.

    The social media revolution has underpinned the importance of making your customers feel special and wanted. The desire for social status, bragging rights and the ability to share experiences continues to highlight this fact; we are all deeply concerned about what other people think and do.

    Marketers and brand managers are embracing the concept of gamification. Our society is obsessed with playing games and much of our conventional thought and approach to consumer marketing is becoming rapidly obsolete. To create deeper engagement with your customers, we must consider reward structures, reinforce positive behaviour, create subtle feedback loops alongside general game mechanics such as levels, challenges, leaderboards, badges and points systems.

    When executed correctly, developing games can help to align your business goals and interests with the deeply rooted motivations of your customers. Gamification mechanics and reward systems can help you to acquire new customers, tell their friends and keep them all coming back for more. In order to develop social games that stick, we must first unravel and deconstruct your customers’ emotions and desires. Only through gamification can we make your customers experience repeatable, predictable and rewarding financially.

    BLACKSTONE is currently working on a number of exciting gamification projects for the social and mobile web. BLACKSTONE specialized in the development and gamification of your brand to engage customers, enhance brand loyalty and generate new sources of revenue.

    Recent research suggests that 86% of flash game developers are currently making the shift to mobile.

    BLACKSTONE Flash Game Development team has considerable expertise in flash game development for clients across the Asia. BLACKSTONE has worked with Flash to develop games for Facebook and the web that reached over 30k monthly active users and generated significant recognition and new revenue for the client. It’s no secret that indie developers from all over the world are looking to mobile as the hottest new platform. Recent research suggests that 86% of flash game developers are currently making the shift to mobile.

    In many cases, prior to a flash game development project for mobile, developers will create content for web to test the market. Traditionally Flash has been an excellent ‘entry level’ platform for new developers as it breaks down accessibility barriers and enables coders to ship products into the market quickly. Be it natively coded, developed for a specific device like iPhone or Android or using the Unity 3D export tool, BLACKSTONE are able to take your game development ideas from concept to fruition in the market place.

    Many flash game developers are highly focused on developing games for the web, but see the fantastic monetisation opportunities associated with mobile. Sales of apps and games and in-game advertising are continuing to mature as many consumers make mobile their primary destination and platform for the consumption of games. BLACKSTONE develop games for iPhone, Android, iPad, Facebook, Web and Smart TV.

    BLACKSTONE has been developing high performance games for Android mobile and tablet devices since we jump in the digital world!

    BLACKSTONE Android Game Development team of highly experienced designers, developers and artists are ideally positioned to take our clients' Android game idea for tablet or mobile from concept all the way to the app marketplace. BLACKSTONE combine core game mechanics, high fidelity graphical artwork and bug-free coding to deliver stunning games for tablets and mobile devices running Google Android. BLACKSTONE work with innovative businesses from all over the United States, Europe, and Asia to deliver games for Android that yield results for your business.

    Google Android represents a highly lucrative and rapidly growing new platform for app and game development opportunities. At BLACKSTONE, our team of designers, artists and developers will help our clients' through every step of the Android game development process from understanding the game idea and concept and the production of game design documentation to game testing, QA and final build submission. Once you’re in the app store marketplace, we’ll also help you to innovate and develop your app according to the feedback and requirements of your customers.

    Android game development, for tablet or mobile requires specialist knowledge and understanding of the platform. BLACKSTONE team are perfectly positioned to understand your commercial goals and ensure that our clients' Android game development project is executed correctly. BLACKSTONE has worked with brands and innovative businesses all across the United States, Russia, Japan, and Indonesia to deliver exceptional games and apps for Android.


    Browsing is no longer limited to the PC with estimates of 30% of unique browsers reaching a brand website via mobile – which means catering to this traffic with something other than a smaller version of your website is vital to success.

    Mobile websites are now a permanent and ubiquitous channel of information, entertainment and communication – and unlike apps, mobile web browsing is dominated by users looking for instant access to time and location specific information. As this generally begins with a search and leads to a brand’s website, it’s vital that captive and motivated users are able to continue their journey through to purchase.

    Mobile devices are the dominant channel for communication between brands and consumers following PCs, and beyond the obvious convenience and accessibility for users, mobile websites provide the only mobile solution that is cross platform compatible – working on iPhone, Android and more, and enabling cost effective solutions that reach a large audience.

    Browsing is no longer limited to the PC with estimates of 30% of unique browsers reaching a brand’s website via mobile – which means catering to this traffic with something other than a smaller version of your website is vital to success.

    Mobile users don’t need access to all of the content on a site, and brands should focus on delivering only the information that is relevant to the users time and location – and ideally a purchase trigger like an in store offer linked to mobile.

    Brands that provide simple and instant access via mobile allow consumers to review product information, find retail locations and complete purchase decisions in short and valuable browsing sessions.

    BLACKSTONE specialized in developing cost effective mobile websites for clients, populating mobile sites using a client’s existing CMS and presenting a streamlined and optimized view of the PC on mobile.
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